We affirm.

The Universe is the uncreated first cause and is self-managing. Hence God is not needed.

ONE, a conscious substance, infinitely intelligent, is the building block of the Universe.

Intelligence is fussed in substance, and nature expresses the wisdom of ONE.

Reject religion, follow your conscience, and liberate yourself.

Protect the environment, relax and enjoy nature.

Use science, reason, and common sense.

Serve humanity and live responsibly.

Support secular humanist causes.


Monodeism is a school of thought, is a philosophy of life, but it is not a faith. It is not a community or church, has no tenants, prayers, or rituals. We promote a monist concept of the Universe and humanist values. Freethinking and not conformity are encouraged.

Monodeism is a blend of deism, monism, and humanism. We claim that the Universe is conscious is the first cause, is eternal, and infinite. All that exists in this immense Universe is an integral part of the whole. ONE, a unique conscience substance that is extremely intelligent, is the building block of the Universe. From micro to macro, all that exists is made of ONE. The Universe is self-regulating; hence no God is needed or has ever existed.

We do not accept claims that a creator God exists or has revealed himself to some individuals. God is a hypothesis, religions are methodologies, and claims are pretentious. Liberate yourself and live without fear.

We advance secular values. No cause is higher than service to humanity and doing good for goodness sake and not for rewards—equality and justice for all irrespective of race, gender, or faith—Separation of Church and State and fair distribution of wealth is our message.

We are freethinkers who use logic and strive to control our destinies. We contribute our time, energy, and resources to promote the causes we value most. We are guided by science, reason, and commonsense.

If you agree with the fundamentals, then welcome aboard and help advocate this message on social media. We encourage readers to ask questions leave their suggestions or remarks.





Why Monodeism?


THEIST affirms that God created the Universe and has revealed himself to a few selected individuals.

DEIST affirms that God created the Universe but has not revealed himself to humanity.

PANTHEIST affirms that God now exists as the Universe and not apart from it.

MONIST affirms that God is a monist substance and that God and Universe are the same.

MONODEIST affirms that God never existed, that the Universe is the uncreated first cause, eternal and infinite. ONE, a conscious monist substance, infinitely intelligent, is the building block of the Universe. That the Universe is sovereign is self-managing, and no god is needed. We promote secular humanist values.


If there are already so many deist groups, then why another one, MonoDeism. And how it differs from other modern philosophies like deism, pantheism, pandeism, or atheism. Let me say that deism gained popularity after the publication of Thomas Paine’s book ‘Age of Reason’ in the late eighteenth century. Over time it has declined in popularity, partially under the organized church’s pressure and the introduction of other secular thoughts. Also, it fails to answer that if a creator God exists, then why is he so indifferent to human needs.

Currently, deism is divided into various groups, including Classic Deism, Church of Modern Deism, Positive Deism, Neo-Deism, Expanded Deism, Pandeism, etc. Some of them are unapologetically critical of revealed religions, while others are more tolerant of certain aspects of faiths, and some are just reformed faiths. All deists believe in God, who is not as actively involved in world affairs as the God of the revealed religions. And people worship God because he promises them fantastic rewards. Free for the asking. And Nature God is of no use to them.

Pantheists believe that God became the Universe and now exists as the Universe. And Panentheists claim that the Universe is one part of God, and God also exists apart from the Universe. Pandeism is closer to our view, yet it assumes that God at some point was distinct from the Universe. All theist groups, including deists, are dualists—all affirm that a creator God created the Universe who either still exists apart from it or now exists as the Universe itself. But we are atheistic monist who claims that God never existed and the Universe is the uncreated first cause and is self-managing. Hence, no God is needed. Atheists claim that the Universe is incidental and is not eternal or infinite, and we differ. We argue that the Big Bang is the beginning of our known Universe, which is only one segment of the infinite Universe.

The attributes we associate with the Universe are commonly associated with God. The Universe has god-like qualities but is not God. The true essence of Reality is utterly incomprehensible. As far as I know, no other group matches our position, which fits between deism and atheism and is more like pantheism. MonoDeism is a hypothesis with a high probability, but we make no claims.

Furthermore, we affirm that a unique creative substance, ONE constituting of matter, mind, and conscience, with infinite modes that can instantly readjust to meet any needs, is the building block of the Universe. ONE is a conscious substance, meaning that matter is self-aware, has free will, and is infinitely intelligent. Everything in the Universe starting lower than an atomic particle is made of ONE. Hence, knowledge and wisdom are localized, and everything is self-managing. Furthermore, the Universal Consciousness ONE determines the destinies of the species, planets, and the cosmos. We discuss this subject further in our articles on ONE and the Universe.

We do not represent the God of Thomas Paine, Newton, or Darwin, but the God of Spinoza as a monist substance. And we try to solve nature’s mysteries using Quantum physics, new genetics, and cosmology as we understand it today. We recognize that no human philosophy is perfect or permanent and will change with time. Nature’s laws are constant, but human’s understanding of them is not, so even science corrects itself over time.

I know many questions need answers. Your Questions and criticism are necessary for improvement and are appreciated. I am working on the next book that I hope to publish soon. My Facebook Page is ‘MonoDeism,’ kindly share this message.

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