The Uncreated Universe

The Universe is the only Reality that exists and is functioning flawlessly, but how?

Humans generally recognize that someone higher than themself is the cause of their existence, and they call Him/It God. So, everybody contemplates–what is God? Most people are contented with their beliefs related to answering this question, but not all are. I have been on this rollercoaster myself. You know what God means to you. Now, let me state my views on what God means to me. I use the word God, ONE, and Universe interchangeably because they mean the same thing to me. I do not perceive God as a spirit, a person, a creator, or Nature, but rather a conscious substance that I call ONE.

Three attributes of God are universally accepted. First, God is the first cause, Second, God is eternal. Lastly, God is infinite. I give these attributes to the Universe and claim that the Universe is the first cause, is eternal and infinite. The Universe is self-aware and self-regulating. ONE, a unique conscious substance, is the building block of the Universe from which everything is created. I use the word ONE instead of God because, for most people accepting that God is a substance is not easy. And I define God in monist materialistic terms. I developed my thoughts, modifying the Pantheistic belief that God has become the Universe and Baruch Spinoza’s concept of God as a monist substance. While I learned from many sources, organizing them into a comprehensible hypothesis having a high probability level is my aim. As I expand this article, I will explain how phenomena like The Big Bang Theory, the Theory of Evolution, Quantum physics, and modern cosmology support this hypothesis.


ONE: A unique conscious substance.

ONE is the Universe consciousness, yet it is smaller than a sub-atomic particle.

ONE is a subatomic substance consisting of matter, mind, and conscience. The smallest unit possible that cannot be subdivided is equal to or smaller than Quark. So, tiny that millions of ONE constitute a grain of sand or a living cell, and ONE has three attributes, mind, matter, and conscience, and have infinite modes. To meet any need, ONE readjusts itself at the minutest fraction of time, such as a billionth of a second. From micro to macro, all that exists in the infinite Universe, be it a living cell, matter, energy, gravity, or waves of any type, or whatever else that may exist, is made of ONE. ONE, but nothing else exists.

To explain the Nature of ONE, let me use water as an analogy. Starting from a drop to the vast ocean, be it in liquid, vapor, or solid form, neither the quantity nor its form changes its Nature. Similarly, from a sub-atomic particle to the infinite Universe, ONE is the same.

Now, let us consider a human as an analogy. A human has a body, mind, and conscience. All three are inseparable, and together they constitute a person. Similarly, ONE has matter, mind, and conscience as its integral parts. All are essential, and neither has priority over the other. Humans number in the billions, and each one is a unique individual, similar but not identical. Similarly, ONES with infinite modes are similar but not identical.

Let us take this analogy further. A human body has a brain, blood, veins and arteries, bones, skin, teeth, nails, hairs, and many more organs. All are made of cells, and cells are made of atoms. Consequently, atoms are made of subatomic particles, and subatomic particles are made of ONE. So, every part of the human body is made of billions of ONE. And because ONE has infinite modes or variables, it can take any form to construct a unique individual.

Consider another example. A person may be awake, asleep, in a coma, unconscious or dead. Any of these consciousness levels is only possible because ONE continuously readjusts its infinite attributes and modes to induce all those conditions. The adjustment of ONE to fit any need can be a smooth transition.

Let me say If a nation of millions of individuals pursuing their needs and goals and following laws, customs, and traditions can maintain peace and build a great civilization. Why can’t the trillions of ONE working together achieve their goal? In Nature, nothing is undesirable, and all are necessary.

All living things–humans, animals, birds, fishes, plants, or single-cell organisms. All inert matters such as earth, rocks, minerals, or chemicals. Elements of Nature like water, air, fire, sound, light, or heat. Gravity, magnetic fields, or ultraviolet rays, and other natural marvels. All these things and more are merely different manifestations of ONE. Unity in diversity stretched beyond the limit of human imagination.

Knowledge and wisdom are localized in all substances, and all decisions are made locally.ONE is universal wisdom and conscience. As such, the Universe is self-regulating and managing. Therefore, God, as commonly perceived by humans, is not needed nor ever existed.

ONE is a hypothesis. That means an idea is assumed and tested to explain life’s realities and the Universe to evaluate if the determination holds. Now I will attempt to prove that ONE’s existence is plausible.


The Origin of Existence

Utterly Incomprehensible.

Who created God? How was ONE formed? From where did Singularity appear? How long God waited before he created the Universe? Or what was nothingness in which Singularity appeared? So many questions, yet nobody has the answers. The origin of existence, the first cause, is utterly incomprehensible, and no amount of speculation can solve this problem. Terms like the first cause, infinity, and eternity will never be comprehensible despite humans’ desire to understand. Neither God’s concept in faiths nor nothingness in atheism or any other philosophy can answer this question satisfactorily. Humans will never know the origin of existence. We recognize this reality and accept it without any argument. Without making any claim, I state that ONE is a unique substance with attributes and modes. The Universe is the first cause, is eternal and infinite. No God apart from the Universe ever existed or is needed. ONE, God, or the Universe is the same. ONE is all, and all is ONE.


The Universe

Uncreated, Eternal, and infinite

According to The Big Bang Theory, this Universe is about 13.7 billion years old. A Singularity size of an atom appeared in nothingness, started to expand, and became the Universe. I fully support the theory, but with some reservations. So, let me explain where I differ or what is my position on this subject. Big Bang is the beginning of our Cosmos and not the infinite. Our Cosmos is finite, has an onset, and certainly will end. But our Cosmos is only one segment of the multi-layer eternal Universe. We are nowhere near encompassing the entire Universe. Our knowledge is still limited, and we have pre-maturely concluded that we already know all that needs to be known. Scientists do not want to admit that the Universe may be eternal and infinite because we cannot prove it. And to me, Singularity or ONE is the same, and ONE is eternal and infinite.

Could time or space exist before the Singularity appeared? If not, how can Singularity emerge in the void? Now let me state my arguments supporting the idea that the Big Bang was the beginning of our Cosmos and not the infinite Universe. Let us consider an analogy of a human family consisting of many members starting from an infant to a grandfather and many other members of different ages in between. Each was birthed and will die. Yet, the family continues its journey through generations through newborn babies replacing dying elders.

Similarly, the infinite Universe consists of many transient and finite universes, each starting with a Big Bang and ending as a super-condensed ball. As to how an existing universe is forced to compact to a singularity, I would say the newly known phenomena like black matter or black holes are pointing toward explaining that possibility. Maybe a segment of the Universe is sucked into a black hole that comes out on the other end as a Singularity. Big Bang and a baby universe start to grow. Or perhaps our expanding Cosmos on one side, with another expanding universe on the other side, is compacting one in between. In any case, expansion in one part of the Universe and contraction in another is happening. And if we do not have evidence today, wait for a century. After all, for how long our Cosmos is going to keep expanding without a counterbalance. It is unsustainable. While the Universe stays in perpetual change, the Universe is constant. Nothing can vanish, so the net stays the same.


The Origin of Life

Evolution is the tool of ONE’s creation.

Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. The first sign of life, a living cell that multiplied–appeared some 3,500 million years ago, and the modern Humans developed only eighty thousand years back. This long journey from a single cell to complex organisms to plant life to fishes, reptiles, birds, and humans could not have evolved without a purpose. This immense variety of fishes, mammals, birds, and plants, each most suitable for its environment, proves that evolution is happening and will continue to happen. Nature’s laws are nothing but ONE’s wisdom, and deviations are not exceptions but an integral part of the rule. Quantum mechanics, with all its variables and probabilities, proves my position.

Survival of the fittest or natural selection produces only soft evolution that creates varieties within a species. Humans evolved in Africa and from there migrated to different parts of the world. Those who migrated to Europe changed their color from black to white over twelve thousand years. And as humans migrated to other parts of the globe, different features developed as human traits.

But the evolution of new species unrelated to existing, like the claim that humans evolved from apes, cannot be explained with just environmental causes or genetic mutations. I am not suggesting that humans did not evolve from apes. Evolution is the tool of ONE’s creation, and drastic changes can occur. I am only implying that such an epic decision must come from ONE, the Universal Consciousness that sets the destinies of species, planets, and galaxies. It is this kind of complexity in Nature that forces us to acknowledge that ONE is essential.


Quantum mechanics and Cosmology

Science is facts till proven wrong.

Modern science started with Newton’s physics laws, Darwin’s Theory of evolution, and the Big Bang Theory, which have now been reformed by Quantum mechanics, new genetics, and Relativity theory. We will touch on these subjects briefly.

Newton’s laws of gravity and the law of inertia of the moving objects gave birth to the idea that the Universe is perfect and is balanced and will run on its own till eternity. Religions already had the concept of an all-wise God who created a perfect universe that runs on a set course. These theories influenced Thomas Paine, who introduced the idea of Creator God, who has established a system to manage the Universe so God can now retire and not worry about the Universe or the world.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity threw a monkey ranch in the concept of the perfect Universe. The Universe became chaotic with black holes and black matters and a new concept of time and space. New cosmology keeps finding new planets that are still developing or are dying.

Two hundred years back, scientists thought that the smallest known particle is an atom, and all elements or living cells are made of atoms. Soon, they figured out that the atoms are only 10% solid and 90% void. Protons and neutrons are in the core, and electrons are revolving in the negatively charged space giving an illusion of a mass.

Then came quantum mechanics. The protons and neutrons became sub-atomic particles that are randomly spinning at the speed of light. Physicists claim that these particles are mass and wave simultaneously and could be present at more than one place concurrently and may entangle, so they are connected even when they are far apart. Mass is nothing but waves or spinning subatomic particles. Imagine one grain of sand contains millions of atoms. And ONE is even smaller than the atom’s sub-particles. Nothing can be smaller than ONE. And ONE is a substance with fixed attributes and variable modes. The Universe as we perceive it is an illusion. The reality is utterly elusive.

ONE is not the God of Isaac Newton or Thomas Paine, who created a perfect universe. It is more like God of Baruch Spinoza, a unique substance with godly attributes, or God of Albert Einstein, an elusive Reality. The established laws of physics are now shaken by the introduction of the Big Bang Theory, Quantum physics, Theory of Relativity, and space exploration has just begun.

If God cannot communicate even with humans, how could he communicate with the matter, and if the matter is not conscious, how does it understand the laws of Nature or its properties. What is becoming abundantly evident is the complexity, randomness, deviations, and conscious selection starting at a level lower than an atom or life cell. And this is only the surface of what remains unknown to the human mind. Just imagine the complexity of a brain cell or a gene with genetic history stored in it. Could God living in heaven be managing it? I do not think so. Such phenomena can only be possible if the substance is conscious, self-regulating. So, I conclude that ONE is the conscious substance, that is, the building block of all that exists.


God, or the Universe

Not Both.

Even when most feel the need for a God, the existence of God no one can prove. Yet, one reality that no one can deny is the existence of the Universe. The Universe does exist and is working smoothly. The dualist philosophers claim that God created the Universe, so the Creator and his creation are two distinct entities. And that Creator has priority over his creation. Most theologies suggest that God has revealed himself to humanity and is actively involved in the world and human life. The deists claim that God created the Universe, set it on course, and now is not actively engaged in the world or human affairs. Pantheists affirm that God became the Universe and is present in everything, or everything is its manifestation. Panentheists insist that God is not only the Universe but also exists apart from it. All are theistic thoughts and accept that God is the first cause. Even Baruch Spinoza define God as a monist substance. I’m afraid I have to disagree with any theistic views. I am an atheistic monist who suggests that God never existed. The Universe is eternal, sovereign, and is internally managing. So, God is not needed to manage it.



Monism and Humanism.

Monoism is a philosophy of life, is a blend of monism and humanism. I coined the term Monoism and am promoting my thoughts under it. Humanism means human rights and needs are of paramount importance. No cause is higher than service to humanity and doing good for goodness’ sake and not rewards, and living a productive and responsible life. Monism is rejecting the duality of God and the Universe and recognizing that there is oneness in existence. The philosophy of monism states that variety in objects essentially descends from a singularity and that all manifestations emanate from one source.

In Monoism, there is no personal, supernatural, or creator God. God neither became the Universe nor exists apart from it. The prime difference between Monoism and other modern philosophies like deism, pantheism, panentheism, or pandeism is that we claim that God never existed. And unlike atheists, we argue that the Universe is eternal and is not incidental.

Baruch Spinoza’s God is perfect; hence is inflexible, so his emphasis is on determinism. Like atheists, he claims that an infinite series of causes and effects determine the outcome. And we suggest that humans and all else, depending on the level of consciousness, have limited free will as well. Free will and determinism are logically compatible.

Using physics and metaphysics, science, and philosophy, we try to solve nature’s mysteries with human reasoning. I reject all notions of religious theologies like sin, soul, afterlife, divine judgment, heaven, or hell. The soul is the “Self” that does not survive death. Death is ONE changing its modes from a living being to an inert substance, and accountability needs to be in this life. Humans have evolved with conscience and wisdom and can take care of themselves. God is a hypothesis, religions are mythologies, and the claims of faiths are pretentious.

We support all progressive causes, equality, and justice for all irrespective of gender, race, or faith—freedom of thought, separation of church and state, and the fair distribution of wealth.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope I succeeded in making my case, and now you decide. This article introduces the next book that I hope to publish soon. Please visit my Facebook page ‘MonoDeism’ and my email address is ‘’ Kindly share this article.

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