Who am I?

I am Zamir Shaikh, a freethinking deist humanist, a critic of all revealed religions. In the year 2020, I introduced MonoDeism, a philosophy of life, a blend of deism, monism, and humanism.

ONE, a unique conscious substance, is the building block of the Universe. The Universe is the first cause, is eternal and infinite, and is self-managing. No creator God as commonly perceived ever existed. God or Universe is the same.

Faiths are like bird trappers; they trap us to surrender our freedom and force us to live in the cage of ignorance and hate. We must believe and not reason. Founders of faith created God and wrote scriptures.

I am a humanist, so I promote equality and justice for all irrespective of race, gender, or faith. Human rights, freedom of thoughts, equal opportunities, and fair distribution of wealth. A secular democratic state, separation of Church and State—living a moral, ethical, and responsible life.

Noting is absolute, and everything must change with time. I am not fatalistic but optimistic, recognizing human limitations still believing that if we put our heart into something and work hard, we most likely to achieve it.

I am an author and an activist, and I am promoting these thoughts through my Facebook page ‘MonoDeism” and website ‘monodeism.com.’