My Journey

From a Muslim to a Monodeist.

I grew up in a progressive Muslim family in Pakistan. After completing my education, I served as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. I migrated to the USA in 1973.

Muslim societies until the middle of the twentieth century were relatively moderate. But after they won freedom from colonial powers, a movement for Islamization gripped the Muslim world. Terrorism and counterterrorism, fueled by religious rivalries among Muslims and Christian, caused turmoil in the world. After having witnessed religious fanatism and its consequences on human societies. Trying to make some sense out of it, I decided to spend my retired life extensively studying religious theologies and modern social movements.

Inspired by Thomas Paine’s book ‘Age of Reason.’ I became a deist. Deists believe that God has not revealed himself to humanity, and the only way to understand God is through human reasoning. I publish my first book, ‘God versus Creator, in which I claimed that God does not exist, and the Creator has not revealed himself to humanity. That Creator has no faith and enforces nature’s laws on people impartially. Later, when I studied different deist viewpoints. What dismayed me most was realizing that after Thomas Paine’s passing, instead of moving forward towards secular thoughts. Deists have moved backward, getting closer to theistic beliefs. And that was not acceptable to me because I had become a secular humanist. I realized that God, as is commonly perceived, does not exist. But unlike atheists, I believed that Something beyond human comprehension is present.

As I searched more, I came across Burach Spinoza’s concept of God as a monist substance. I read his book ‘Ethics’ but could not understand it. Yet, I continued to gather information about his philosophy, pantheism, and other ancient Eastern and European monist thoughts. After extensive contemplations, I developed the concept of MonoDeism. Monodeism is a philosophy of life that is a blend of humanism, deism, and monism, and I am now actively propagating this concept on social media. I am a freethinking monodeist, a secular humanist, an author, and an activist—a critic of revealed religions, support freedom of thought, logic, and science.

Stated under are my views.

I affirm that the Universe is the uncreated first cause, eternal and infinite. That ONE, a conscious monist substance, infinity intelligent, is the building block of the Universe. That the Universe is sovereign is self-managing. Hence God is not needed.

I promote equality and justice for all, irrespective of race, gender, or faith. Human rights, freedom of thoughts, equal opportunities, and fair distribution of wealth. A secular democratic state, separation of Church and State—living a moral, ethical, and responsible life. Powerful have always oppressed ordinary people and have exploited them. We must continue our struggle for the fair distribution of wealth. Humanity is above all.

Faiths are like bird trappers; they trap us to surrender our freedom and force us to live in the cage of ignorance and hate. Religions promote belief and discourage reason. Founders of faith created God and wrote scriptures reflecting their personalities and their time. Science, logic, and not religion should guide us.

Noting is absolute, and everything must change with time or perish. Change is perpetual and is the essence of time, and nothing is definite. Humans are vulnerable to natural and human-made calamities, and we must strive to overcome whatever comes in our way. I am an optimist. I recognize human limitations, still believe that if we put our heart into it, we most likely to achieve it.

I am currently working on my next book, which I hope to publish in 2021. Please visit my Facebook page ‘MonoDeism,’ and my email address is ‘’