The Universe is the only Reality that exists, and ONE is the singularity that is the Reality itself.

The Universe is the only Reality that exists that is either created and managed by God or is the uncreated first cause is sovereign and self-managing. We are monists who reject the dualist concept of God and the Universe as two distinct entities in favor of God/Universe is the same. And suggest that ONE is the singularity that is the building block of the Universe. Here I will discuss my views on ONE.

ONE is the conscious substance that is infinitely intelligent. It is a monist substance of three attributes, matter, mind and conscience, and infinite modes. ONE is aware and has free will, and to meet any situation, ONE continually readjusts its modes. Everything starting from the sub-atomic particle to mega planets, all that exists in the infinite Universe is the manifestation of ONE. The Universe is the body of ONE, and nature’s laws express ONES’ wisdom, and aesthetics in nature express its creativity.

ONE is absolutely the smallest unit possible that cannot further subdivide. So minute that millions of ONE constitute a grain of sand and billions a living cell. From micro to macro, all that exists in the infinite Universe, be a living cell, material, energy, gravity, or waves of any kind, or whatever else that may exist, is made of ONE. ONE is all that exists, and nothing else exists. ONE is all, and all is ONE.

Before the advent of modern physics, people thought objects are as they appear. Then scientists discovered that substances are made of molecules. And molecules are groups of atoms, and atoms are the smallest entity detectable. They determined that all chemicals, materials, and living cells are made of atoms. Later, they figured out that the atoms are only 10% solid and 90% void. Protons and neutrons are in the core, and electrons are revolving in the negatively charged space giving an illusion of a mass. Subsequently, we learned that matter and energy are interchangeable. So, all that exists in the Universe is eventually energy.

Then came quantum mechanics. It claims that mass, energy, and electric charges occur in quantum units. Atoms became sub-atomic particles randomly spinning at the speed of light. Physicists claim that these particles are mass or wave simultaneously and could be present at more than one place concurrently and may entangle, so they are connected even when they are far apart. Mass is nothing but spinning subatomic particles or waves. Imagine one grain of sand contains two million atoms. And ONE is even smaller than any sub-atomic particle. Nothing can be smaller than ONE, or ONE would not be the building block of all that exists.

Science can explain the mechanics and properties of substances. But science is silent on the nature of the matter. We define the characteristics of the substance in metaphysical terms. And we claim that ONE is an infinitely intelligent substance that has godlike attributes. The Universe, as we see, is an illusion. Humans are incapable of experiencing the true nature of Reality. ONE is a judicious substance. Hence, all decisions are made internally. As such, the Universe is self-regulating and managing. Therefore, God, as commonly perceived, is not needed. And because the Universe is the uncreated first cause, hence God never existed.

All living things, including single-cell organisms. All inert matters such as earth, rocks, minerals, or chemicals. Elements of Nature like water, air, and phenomenons like sound, light, or heat. Forces like gravity, magnetic fields, light rays or electromagnetic waves, and other natural marvels. And things yet unknown are merely manifestations of ONE. Matter and energy are interchangeable, but none can vanish. Hence the net sum of energy in the infinite Universe is constant. Unity in diversity stretched beyond the limits of human imagination.

Let me explain the nature of ONE by using water as an analogy. From a drop to the ocean, liquid, vapor, or solid, neither its quantity nor form changes its nature. Similarly, from a sub-atomic particle to the infinite Universe, the characteristics of ONE are the same. ONE is the matrix of all that exists. Now let’s see what happens if we start dividing a drop of water into a smaller and yet smaller drop. Practically, we will not go too far, but theoretically, if we could keep dividing it further, it is still water to a molecule level. Beyond that, it will be atoms of Oxygen and hydrogen and, ultimately, sub-atomic particles. And eventually, like all else, it will be ONE.

Now, let us consider a human as an analogy. A human has a body, mind, and conscience. All three are inseparable, and together they constitute a person. A human body has blood, veins and arteries, bones, skin, teeth, nails, hairs, and many more organs. Some as complex as brain cells or genes, and others are as simple as hairs or nails. All are extremely intelligent because every cell of our body comprises millions of infinitely intelligent ONES. And ONE has limitless modes, so it can take any form to construct a unique individual. Let us take this analogy further. Just as humans number in the billions and everybody is a unique individual, ONES with infinite adjustable modes are similar but not identical. Yet ONE can be anything at any moment.

Consider another example. A person may be awake, asleep, in a coma, unconscious or dead. Any of these consciousness levels is only possible because ONE continuously readjusts its infinite modes to induce all those conditions. ONE by continually readjusting its modes can become a living being, material, or energy.

If a nation of millions of individuals pursuing their goals, following laws, customs, and traditions can build a great civilization. Then trillions of ONE working together can also achieve any goal? Science and the laws of nature are an expression of ONES’ wisdom, and evolution is the tool of its creation. Esthetics in nature is an expression of ONES’ creativity.



Dualism claims that mind and matter, soul and body or God and the Universe, are two distinct entities, and one has priority over the other. But monism rejects dualist views and argues that, ultimately, there is oneness in all that exists. So, God or the Universe is the same.

Monism means that the variety in objects essentially descends from a singularity and that all manifestations emanate from one source. The idea of a universal monist element becomes the justification for monism.

There are various monism schools, and each has further sub-classifications. Their philosophies differ, and so are their arguments. Significant among them are Material monism, Ideal monism, and Neutral monism. And mine is Substance monism, and  I call it Monoism. I consider matter, mind, and conscience as three attributes of ONE. All three are essential, and neither has priority over the other. The debate of which attribute has priority over the others is unnecessary. I am not worrying about sub-classifications of monism, yet the concept of Substance Monism is the foundation of my thoughts. And ONE is the substance that is aware and is brilliant.

Substance monism has its roots in some prominent ancient schools of philosophy, and a few modern philosophers have also expressed similar thoughts on this subject. Yet, my idea of ONE does not neatly fit in any particular group. Old Hindu Vedic school of Advaita and modern Pantheism are closer to it. And closer still is Burach Spinoza’s concept of God, which he defined as a monist substance. But all these thoughts are theistic, and none are atheistic. All views assume some divine reality is the first cause, and we clearly state God never existed nor is needed. Our emphases are on the uncreated Universe, which is sovereign and eternal. We acknowledge and attempt to satisfy all modern scientific theories.


God of Spinoza

Burach Spinoza considered God as perfect, and his emphasis is on determinism, and we differ. ONE has a conscience, and without free will in substance, deviations, mutations, or evolution would not be possible. The cause and effect would regulate the result, and the perfect Universe will work without any deviation if ONE did not have free will. But the Universe is not perfect, and deviations are an integral part of the laws of nature.

Through free will, ONE, the universal consciousness sets the destinies of the species, planets, and galaxies. Free will and determinism are logically compatible. Humans are pretty aware that their lives are in part predetermined and also are affected by their choices.

ONE is a hypothesis of a high probability, and we do not claim that it is a proven fact. But it does help explain certain realities. Now, either God is managing the Universe, or the Universe is internally regulating itself, which can only happen if intelligence is present in the substance. Otherwise, how will the material know its properties or the laws of nature? If God cannot communicate with every human, how can it communicate with every grain of sand? So, we suggest that knowledge and wisdom are localized in the substance. Spinoza said that God is a substance, and we say that the substance is godly. Our emphasis is on the Universe and not God. We claim that God never existed, and he was called “God drunk.”


Human values and ONE

Only conscious cells can give rise to an idea or a concept? Morality, justice, and freedom are the product of our conscious minds. We are intelligent beings and are capable of living an ethical and moral life. Humans have limited free will, and we face the consequences for our choices. We are accountable for our deeds except for things beyond our control.

Planet Earth is magnificent. The aesthetics in nature is marvelous, and its scenery is breathtaking. Enjoying nature’s wonders is soothing and relaxing, and we should enjoy it as much as we can. Protecting its inhabitants and preserving its environment is our responsibility. But, unlike spiritual Pantheists, we do not revere or worship nature. We are not spiritual but secular. We are compassionate, responsible, but rational. Nature evolved humans, and humans created God to serve their selfish needs. ONE is not involved in human social life or has any advice on our political or economic system. ONE is not worried about our future or that of our planet. ONE is not God but a substance and does not desire worship.

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