From Dust to Dust

Death is simply changing forms from a living being to matter and energy.

One wonders why people are so attracted to religion and why they cannot see its falsehood. Humans have been searching for God throughout history because, to start with, they are trying to comprehend their existence, are apprehensive about death, and wish to overcome death. Cave dwellers started dreaming of spirits residing in the elements of nature that they believed could hurt them. And primitive people thought that the souls of their ancestors were present in the surroundings and could harm them if they would not follow their traditions. Recognizing this opportunity, clever men pretending to be spiritual guides introduced terminologies like soul and God to give people courage and hope. These thoughts later developed into religious teachings claiming that humans have an eternal soul and that God will make it possible to overcome death by giving them another life. Even in this enlightenment era, humans are still worshiping God to conquer death and gain preferential treatment.

Not many reacted harshly towards not accepting God, but when I started to post my thoughts on social media critical of the concept of the afterlife, the reaction was swift. Challenging my assumptions, insisting there is no purpose in this life if there is no divine judgment in the afterlife. And when I asked what good will come from punishments after death. Why not now when it does some good? And why would anybody wish to come back to be punished? They had no convincing answer, but they kept insisting that judgment afterlife is for sure. We know we will die, but we don’t want death to be permanent. We want eternal life, even if it is after death. And to make it possible, all faiths claim that soul is immortal and survive death. To me, that is the prime cause of people’s belief in God; otherwise, the hope that worshiping God gets you preferential treatment in this life is fading because people do not experience those favors in believers’ lives. Amenities of modern life are as good as in heaven, so it is not for heaven but the desire to have some form of existence after death persists. Even deists who reject revealed religions insist that death is not the end, that they most likely will have another life even when they may not promote divine judgment.

In Monoism, we assert that our birth is not the beginning, and death is not the end. Before our advent, we were part of nature and will continue to be after death. Death is just a transformation from this life to some other unknown form. We were, we are, and will exist in some form. And while bodies decay to other forms of matter and energy, nothing can vanish. We will not survive as one unit and will dissipate into nature, and what we will be at any given time is unknown. The soul is just an illusion created by our brain, and as the brain dies, we lose consciousness, and what we perceive as the soul ceases. Hence the soul is a figment that cannot survive death. Religions create the concept of the eternal soul to scare us of divine judgment and retribution to force us to accept the tenants of the faith. The truth is, only substance and not soul exists or are eternal. Our bodies are ceaseless, so we cannot rule out the probability that in parts, we may, more than once, become a part of living being anywhere in the Universe. We have one life to live, yet we are eternal and will never know the rest. We need to enjoy our life while we have it and control our fear of death.

Now let me try to explain the life cycle from a monist perspective. All living things, plants, animals, or humans have a similar life cycle. All have birth grow and develop as adults, and finally, grow old, decay, and die. All living things are made of cells, which are made of molecules and ultimately just bundles of Quarks or energy. Quarks or ONE is the smallest entity of matter or energy, the building block of all that exists. Only substances are the entities that exist that humans can sense or some instrument can detect. God, spirit, or soul is belief and does not have a physical existence, so they cannot be determined.

We know our body is made of billions of cells, and each cell is made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms, and atom is made of Quarks, the minimalist subatomic particles or energy. And our body is nothing but a bundle of Quarks. Quark or ONE is the same, and we claim it has innumerable modes of consciousness, is brilliant and versatile. If Quark were not brilliant or versatile, it would not have the capacity to deviate from its path or entangle with other Quarks from a distance, as stated in Quantum Physics. It clearly shows that they are not only aware but are also interconnected.

Throughout our life body keeps taking in billions of ONES in the form of food, water, air to develop new cells and expel millions as waste, sweat, and body heat. For the body to function, cells continually readjust their modes. And this process continues while awake, asleep, unconscious, death and even after death. Death occurs when living cells in our brain start to die by adjusting the modes of consciousness. Death is a process in which, by readjusting modes living cells convert to dead cells. Even after death, the body continues to expel ONES, and as the body decays and disintegrates into other forms of matter and energy, nothing vanishes. And while our brain is functioning, we feel alive. Otherwise, we and everything else is just a quantum of ONES, a bundle of energy, and nothing else. Our life functions because ONES perpetually readjust their settings. Our journey from life to death changes modes of consciousness from a living being to matter and energy. We were conceived with a sperm and an egg, both made of alive cells. Consciousness developed when our hearts started to beat while still in our mothers’ wombs. And to say that soul came from heaven and entered the fetus is absurd. And death occurs when living cells keep dropping their level of consciousness to a level that living cells become dead cells, and after death, matter and energy.

Only substances are eternal and can’t vanish. God or soul are not entities, so they neither exist nor are eternal. Our body is enduring that cannot disappear with death, and the soul was just consciousness; hence could not survive death. Religions got it all wrong. The reverse of what they preach is true. No God or soul exists, and the substances are eternal. Believe what you wish, but to me, it is ridiculous to think that God, if any, will spend the first part of his life creating humans and later will burn them alive till eternity. That cannot be the purpose of God’s life? Nor to live a short life, sin, die, and then burn in hell till perpetuity is the meaning of our life. We are here to love and reproduce, so live a productive and responsible life, and enjoy this awful, magnificent planet Earth and nature’s artistry. Humans, nature, and the Universe is purposeful.

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